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FOOD, FELLOWSHIP, & NETWORKING: The Valley Forge Leadership Prayer Breakfast is a great way to meet business owners, community leaders and professionals from the greater Philadelphia area. Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet and the company of people from all walks of life. 

TRADITION: One of the highlights of the event is when the flag is presented by the Valley Forge Military Academy and we pledge allegiance to the United States of America. It is a wonderful reminder of the freedoms we enjoy and how we are stewards of this nation.

TRUTH: In a world filled with many people wanting something from you, we want something for you! To hear the unvarnished reality behind some successful and memorable people. We encourage inviting co-workers, family, and friends who might be seeking answers about life, God, and the Bible. 

HOPE: The thread that connects all of the speakers, regardless of their varied backgrounds, is that they have at some point placed their hope in Jesus Christ

IT'S NOT CHURCH: A church building or worship service can be intimidating and off-putting for some who are unfamiliar or turned off to it all. Though this event is centered around Jesus Christ's effect on people's lives, it is not meant to be too formal or "churchy". Rather, this event is designed for people who may informally be interested in knowing more about who Jesus is and what he is really all about.

If you are interested in being a Table Leader and/or supporting this event, click here

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