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Since 1994, the Valley Forge Leadership Prayer Breakfast has been an annual event where respected business, ministry, civil, sports, political, and community leaders come together to fellowship, network, and share the good news of the gospel. This unique event shines a light on accomplished men and women who reflect that light onto Jesus Christ. 

For 29 years God has used this event to bring people to Himself as they see and hear the testimonies of successful speakers. It moves the hearts of the hearers when powerful people declare their allegiance, submission, and humble need for a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. Take advantage of this special opportunity to invite, engage, and evangelize with your network.  

Read more about the history of VFLPB and listen to speaker archives.

Former Keynote Speakers:

Rebekah Gregory

Eric Metaxas

Dave and Jan Dravecky

Chad Williams

Todd Komarnicki

Seth Joyner

William G. “Jerry” Boykin
David Akers

 Reverend-Pastor Dr. Herbert H. Lusk, II

Jeff Niklaus
Honorable B. Vaughn Crigler

 Gary Dornoeffer

Ron Fraser

Fran McGowen

Dr. John & Dr. Pina Templeton

Cal Thomas

Mark Edward Whitacre

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Embark on a riveting journey with Kenneth Valentine at the 30th Annual Valley Forge Leadership Prayer Breakfast, where he'll recount his remarkable experiences "cheating death" as a Secret Service agent to three sitting presidents. Don't miss the opportunity to glean wisdom from his extraordinary career and learn what drives him beyond the realm of danger.


More about the Keynote Speaker

Watch and Listen to Past Speakers


Friday, November 1st, 2024
Seating/Breakfast 6:45 am
Program 7:30 am
Adjournment before 9 am

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