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We are so thrilled that the Lord has been faithful to the Valley Forge Leadership Prayer Breakfast for 28 years!


What began as a humble effort by businessman John Boyer, has been blessed to become a sold-out event over the last several years. Hundreds upon hundreds of men and women have committed their lives to Christ in that room. 

We thank God for the steadfast men and women who have contributed in amazing ways, including; monthly meetings, table leaders, sending letters, posting flyers, placing parking signs at 5am, ushering, finances, manning the book table, and the prayer warriors that pray during the event in a separate room! Their leadership has been an inspiration and was instrumental to me in bringing the VFLPB under the Acts413 Ministries umbrella.

When the VFLPB event was small, the ticket cost of the breakfast paid for the entire event. However, in recent years the cost of the breakfast has grown along with the event size. Out of vigilance to protect the event from becoming “commercial”, or distracted from its primary mission, the cost of the event has been privately underwritten by the giving of a few saints who share our heart.

The Next 25 Years

God continues to grow this event and we must make plans for the next 25 years. In March and in June of 2019, our board met, prayed and came to the important decision to accept sponsorships for the first time in our history. While we remain watchful for the integrity of the event, we want to share the VFLPB mission with our like-minded friends and to inspire a new generation to take up the mantle. The God we serve can do more than we think or ask!


We are asking God to take this event for the next 25 years, to send partners, new leaders, and bold speakers to proclaim the mighty name of Jesus.

If you or your organization feels the call to join us in that proclamation through our new sponsorship program, fill-out the application form below. 

VFLPB Sponsorship Application

Thank you for your application!

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